My husband’s doctor referred us to Angela because they couldn’t point out the determinative factor causing our infertility. I was pretty open-minded because I had experienced acupuncture in the past and was willing to try anything. I learned that fertility—like any other thing that happens in our body—is affected by many other things. I was surprised to see how much the emotional side of one’s life could play such a big role in something like fertility. I was going through a very stressful time in my life, so I doubt anybody saw major changes in my personality right away, but the inner changes I saw were tremendous. 

Angela helped me learn how to cope and gave me the nourishment and support I needed during that very trying time. For women trying to conceive, the pressure can be insurmountable. But more important than trying is taking care of oneself emotionally and physically. Before learning I was pregnant, I took three pregnancy tests while on vacation. They all came back negative, and I was pretty dejected, so I called Angela to let her know. She asked me if I was taking them first thing in the morning, and I explained that I hadn’t because the box advised against it. Well, I took the next test first thing in the morning, and sure enough, it came back positive. I always am reminded of that funny story when I think of Angela and how helpful she has been in both the big and the small ways.