I vividly remember the first day that I met Angela. It was less than a week from when my best friend had her first baby…on the same day that I had started my period, thus confirming that our third round of IUI had failed. I was just a shell, emotionally and physically. We had been trying for 4 years, there was no “reason” why we weren’t getting pregnant, and I was just done. 

Our reproductive endocrinologist had such faith in Angela that he touted acupuncture as being as important in fertility treatment as the medical interventions themselves. I was hopeful, but what I was really hoping for was finding myself again. I remember Angela telling me that first visit that while, of course, her goal is to help someone get pregnant, it was also to insure that if pregnancy didn’t happen, that you still wound up in a better place than you started…mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was at such a low point at that time that I couldn’t even fathom such an existence. But I left the office that day feeling hopeful and at peace. 

My husband and I decided to take the summer off, to do the diet and get my body in better shape for the next step of medical intervention. The diet was hard, but I started to feel better immediately. I had real clarity of thought, less emotional ups and downs, and my psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis went into almost complete remission. Also, my weekly sessions with Angela were making me stronger as a person. My conversations with her helped me deal with the grief and anxiety I was feeling. Getting pregnant started to feel less like a chore, and I started to enjoy my husband, and my life, again. 

Three months later my period was late and I was shocked to find I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it…we had used no fertility drugs; it just happened. It almost seemed too easy. I am now 35 weeks along, and we are looking forward to welcoming our little girl into our family. I still get emotional thinking that it was a year ago that I was just empty, numb, and hopeless. I’m so changed…and it is truly a testament to who Angela is as a practitioner and a person. I firmly believe that she is the reason we are pregnant, so of course there are no words to express the gratitude that we feel. But, beyond that, and maybe even more importantly long term, she changed me as a person and helped me to shift my life perspective. I’m a happier, more centered and fulfilled person through meeting her, knowing her, and working with her. I’m grateful that she is a part of my life.