I first met Angela 1.5 years after an end of first trimester miscarriage. I had already had a three year old son at the time so was surprised that my body would have ‘failed’ me like that. My husband and I spent the next year trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. I then underwent three unsuccessful IUIs. 

My OB told me I was aging, maybe I wasn’t ovulating properly as a result. I was 38 years old so this was feasible. That’s when I met Angela. I literally bumped into her in her office and just got to talking about ourselves, where we grew up, personal things. 

I have never seen a psychiatrist or therapist, considered myself a fairly well adjusted person, I never considered working with an acupuncturist before. But I felt a connection with Angela. She possessed an energy to her that was so real, genuine, and supportive. I decided to book an appointment with her and since that day, she changed my life.

Our first appointment, Angela asked me about my life--not fertility, not physical issues, but my life in general. I shared with her my thoughts about family, work, friends, how I approach relationships, perceive myself. Angela took every word I said to her and for lack of a better way of saying it, unleashed my potential. She helped me remove barriers that were dragging me down-- toxic influences in my life, my own fears, things I didn’t even know were weighing me down mentally and emotionally.

And when I started unburdening myself, my body started unburdening itself. And then I got pregnant. It was as simple and as profound as that. I am over seven months along now and nothing but looking forward to our next child.  Everyday, I reflect on some truism Angela taught me.  As Angela says, “Reproductive health is general health.”  The mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of health are so inextricably intertwined... we may all know that on some subconscious level but Angela provides the support to achieve these intangible, often elusive goals in our practical everyday reality.  And when that happened to me, I had never felt more empowered in my life.  

This empowerment has gone beyond pregnancy, it has brought abundance and prosperity to my family, friends, work, and myself.  Embarking on my journey with Angela ranks among the most important milestones of my life, right along with getting accepted into Harvard and some prestigious jobs.  My hope is that all women will be able to find the peace and truly fertile life that Angela helped me find.