I came to Angela’s practice just about a year ago after trying to get pregnant for about 2 years. I had 2 children already, but felt strongly that I would like to have another child. The specialists were trying to steer me toward more intervention, particularly IVF, but I was pretty sure that I did not want or need to go that route.

I started meeting with Angela for acupuncture and some herbal treatment, but most importantly we discussed and tried to figure out why I was in this place where my body would not allow me to get pregnant. I think this was the most important work that we did by far.  Ultimately, through talking about my life and experiences, we came to the conclusion that I was stuck somehow and needed to, in effect, “birth” something for myself. I needed to find something for myself, or at least get myself on that path, in order to get myself moving again. I had always been very structured in my life in the career path I took, etc, but really had never looked within myself to see what I really needed.  I decided to take a step forward and start taking some classes toward a degree that I was interested in pursuing. Just doing this was very liberating, since I had always felt like I had to take the “right” path, and realizing that I just need to move forward and give something a shot, whether in the end it turns out to be for me or not.

Within a few months, I became pregnant without any medical intervention. This amazing baby seems almost like a bonus, however, since I feel like I gained a whole new insight into myself in this process.  That old phrase that “everything happens for a reason” never really resonated with me, but now I see that this entire struggle and process to conceive this baby was necessary to show me who I am.  We have continued working together to help me during the pregnancy to achieve my goal of natural childbirth. With Angela’s support, I was able to conceive this baby on my own and I feel like the next step is to bring it into the world myself too.  I am so grateful that Angela took the time to help me in this journey.