I started off with the midwives at Full Circle Family Care, and they referred me to Angela. Initially, I was hesitant, but was soon very open to it upon observing Angela’s knowledge, personality, and concern. I saw immediate results and saw her for a year before trying my first IVF cycle (which was successful). Working with Angela, I learned that a combination of Western medicine and Chinese medicine is the best for me. She taught me that together you can get the whole being in balance, and that all the different systems of the body work together to make a whole. 

By eating right, meditating, and receiving acupuncture on top of Western medicine, I was able to balance the systems that had been preventing me from conceiving. I began to meditate, and I started a food journal to get me to look at what I was eating. I started eating more fruits and veggies and less processed food, and it was really comforting being able to speak to a female about these things. My husband and mother-in-law noticed I was more relaxed. The best thing about seeing Angela was having hope again. I had been a really negative person, but started to rethink things and made the switch to mind over body. It helped me so much, and I conceived a child my first IVF cycle. Thank you Angela!