I was referred to Angela by my best friend who had attended a fertility seminar where Angela had spoken. I was frustrated, and my friend begged me to call her; so I did. On the phone, she was able to give me peace of mind by the time we finished talking. From the moment I met her, I knew that I was in good hands. I didn’t know much about acupuncture or the infertility process, for that matter. Angela educated me; she helped me to understand test results, and most of all, she empowered me to make decisions that I would be comfortable with. 

When I met Angela Le, I was 38 years old and had already gone to 2 different fertility practices. I had 1 failed IUI and 1 failed IVF, which resulted in an ectopic pregnancy. I was broken physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt very alone on this journey, even though my husband was very supportive. This was unchartered territory. I had no one I could ask questions of. Angela helped me to come to terms with where I was on my journey. She helped me to translate test results into terms that I could understand and share with my husband. She administered acupuncture that helped me to heal physically. There were days when I left my acupuncture treatment rejuvenated. I would often joke with Angela that I wanted her to come home with me and just give me acupuncture all day because I didn’t want that feeling to go away. I realized that my reproductive endocrinologist’s first priority was to help me get pregnant and when that didn’t happen or the pregnancy terminated, they just got right back on the horse to start the cycle again, but I needed to heal before I could fully commit to the next step. That is where Angela helped me the most. My world would come crashing down when I had a failed attempt or pregnancy loss. Through this journey, I had 5 pregnancy losses and several IUI or IVF failures. It has not been an easy road. My visits with Angela helped to make me whole, but there were still many obstacles to overcome. My infertility journey was like an episode of CSI. I had unexplained infertility, which is extremely hard because you really have to take the active role of investigator along with your RE. At times it’s a process of elimination. Angela became my co-detective. She supported my decisions even when I decided to take a break. She always made me feel that there was hope. 

This story has a great ending. After 5 years of trying, my husband and I welcomed our son into the world in September of 2010. I have never come across such a conscientious practitioner, one who is able to be honest with you even when its not what you want to hear; one who can help you deal with what you are being faced with in a way that empowers you. These are the reasons that Angela is still today so dear to me.