My first pregnancy went smoothly, and I have a 5 year old daughter now. Then, about 3 years ago, I lost a full term baby girl due to a random cord accident. I drowned in the vast ocean of sadness and devastation. I did manage to get myself to a better place when I was ready to get pregnant again, but my next three pregnancies all ended in “unexplained” early miscarriages — each one of them pulled me back to the darkness. I wondered if there was going to be hope, peace, and joy again for my troubled soul. That’s when I met Angela Le. 

I was drawn to Angela’s practice not only because of her indisputable expertise and success rate in acupuncture, but also because of her mastery of mind-body connection and spiritual growth. I thought “what compassionate eyes” when I first saw her picture online. Although I went to Angela to treat miscarriages, I wanted to be whole again as a person more than I wanted to have another healthy pregnancy.

Today, I’ve come a very long way from being that woman on the hospital bed who was dazed by life’s sudden blow. I can never thank Angela enough for all that she’s done for me. Angela and I talked extensively from my childhood wounds to current issues and did exercises that helped me release the grief. I started really looking forward to the weekly appointments with Angela. The insights Angela shared, as well as the books she referred, opened new doors for me. Now I feel I have a second chance at living my own life, with so much more understanding. I realize the pain will always be there, but I’ve learned not to suffer from it. I realize there will always be a hole in my heart, but I’ve learned to fill it with love. I realize life is not about what it could have been, but what is, and I’ve learned to love what is. Loving what is sets me free, keeps my heart open, and helps me focus on what I have. I truly feel thankful again for all that I have. While the illusion of being in control was shattered by the losses, I now realize the only thing I always have control over is my own mind. I have a good reason to be depressed for the rest of my life, but instead, I can choose to be fully present and filled with joy. No matter what happens in the future, I know I’ll always make the same choice again. 

On the physical front, I’ve been feeling great with the acupuncture treatments and the diet Angela suggested. I didn’t have any allergy symptoms during one of the worst allergy seasons. I’m now 20 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. Everything has been fine for this pregnancy, and I feel blissful and blessed. In the process of helping me birth another baby, Angela has also helped me re-birth myself. For both, I’m forever grateful.