At the age of 30, I came off birth control and assumed I would be pregnant in a couple of months.  Imagine my surprise when I never even had a menstrual cycle.  It took 4 months for doctors to test and diagnose me with PCOS.   I was told that my body would not ovulate on it’s own.  I barely had time to comprehend the magnitude of this information.  Doctors casually informed me that I could start Clomid, which will induce ovulation.  At the time it seemed like my only option.  By my second cycle on Clomid I was pregnant.  I no longer cared how it happened.  The important thing was that it worked.  10 weeks later the unthinkable happened and I miscarried.  It never even occurred to me this could happen. 

My fertility problem was ovulation and we solved that.  Doctors assured me this was common and the next step is to try again.  Having still never menstruated on my own.  My period was induced and another cycle of Clomid was prescribed.  I was pregnant yet again for only 9 weeks.  After this second miscarriage I was devastated.  I could not understand why I was struggling with 2 issues, PCOS and having an inadequate body to carry my babies to full term. 

Doctors preformed test to explain this recurrence.  Chromosomal reasons were suggested for the miscarriages.  It was beginning to not make sense.  I felt there were so any problems building and they were all being masked and never solved.  Doctors decided Clomid was my answer to ovulation and the more times I conceived the better chances I had of sustaining a pregnancy.  It felt horrible that they we were so casual about my experience.  I could not imagine forcing my body into another pregnancy.  The results had been devastating so far. 

Completely unsure what to do next, a friend recommended a visit to Angela Le.  I knew the first time I meet her that I had found the right path.  She immediately explained the condition called PCOS and how my insulin levels were effecting my hormonal production and ovulation.  We talked about how I could prepare my body both physically and spiritually to have a baby.  For 3 months I adhered to a strict diet and insulin detox. I met with Angela once a week to discuss past experiences, future goals, step by step changes to my life.  My confidence in my body was returning. 

My second month under Angela’s guidance, I menstruated on my own for the first time in 16 months (and after 10 years on birth control).  During month 4, I discovered I was pregnant.  It was unbelievable news.  My body truly needed to be ready on its own time.  I needed to overcome my fears, develop trust, and nurture my body.   Angela continued to support me through each month especially the first trimester.  She taught me how to experience this pregnancy in a positive way and how this was different than past pregnancies.  I had a wonderful pregnancy that was healthy, energetic, full of love, nurturing for the baby and I.