Angela taught me how every life experience adds to personal fulfillment. Welcoming the good, the bad, the happy and the sad moments has created balance in my life.  She has taught me the importance of understanding and respecting my body.  This knowledge has given all my personal and professional relationships a foundation to grow stronger.  Life has become more effortless as I become more knowledgeable and confident in myself.

Angela helped me to define what I was truly searching for, not to get pregnant, but to consciously conceive a healthy baby in a natural loving environment.  After two miscarriages I had very little faith in myself.  The traditional medical approach made me feel out of control, option less and depressed.  Angela coached me to regain my confidence and she opened an unlimited number of doors for me to choose from.  Within 3 months of creating my new environment through diet, nutrition, positive reinforcement, awareness, communication and relationships, I was enjoying a healthy pregnancy.  

Angela continues to provide me with the knowledge and confidence to accomplish a loving lifestyle.  Her gentle guidance has been strong and unwavering but never judgmental or critical.  Angela’s approach to acupuncture has changed my awareness and will continue to enhance my life experiences.