Angela changed my life. She helped me with so many things that I can’t name them all. Thanks to her love and hard work, I can thank her for my beautiful twin boys.

When I was 30, my husband and I decided to start trying to conceive. I had been on the pill for almost a decade at that point, which had masked many of my underlying medical issues. I went off the pill and had irregular periods and likely cycles in which I did not ovulate. My husband and I kept at it for about six months. Then one day by total luck, I went to a seminar that Angela was speaking at. I was instantly drawn to her approach because it was holistic and truthful. There are so many people that want to sell you false promises in this world. But, Angela will only tell you the truth. 

We worked together for a couple years together on my fertility journey. Eventually, I did get pregnant through a successful IVF round. I feel that our journey together prepared me to be as present and loving of a mother as I can be. That is the true gift I received from Angela. We worked on my physical health with diet modifications, vitamins, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs. We worked on my mental and spiritual health through conversation and meditation. Angela was also incredibly knowledgeable and supportive with my Western medical care. I had a few IUI rounds and then eventually had IVF under her care. She worked hand-in-hand with my doctors in the way you might dream East could meet West. There are so many things I carry today from that journey that I learned from Angela - how to care for myself, how to love myself, how to be present, how to breathe... Angela helped me connect my head and my heart. All of this allows me to love my children more fully. 

I am so lucky to have met Angela. She is one of the greatest gifts I have received in my life.