I was referred to Angela by Dr. Frank Lipman, who I had seen a few times in the past for acupuncture.   During one of my visits with him, I mentioned that my husband and I were trying to get pregnant and he immediately referred me to Angela.  About a year went by before I contacted her, which was about a year and a half after we started trying.  At the time I went to see her, we were working with a Fertility Specialist, and we were in the middle of our third IUI/Clomid cycle, none of which were successful.  At 30 years old, with no fertility issues that the doctor could find, we could not understand why I was not getting pregnant.  My doctor had prepared us for our next step of IVF, and I knew if that was a treatment we were going to use, I wanted to do everything I could do to supplement it.  

When I first went to Angela, I was very frustrated with our fertility problems and scared about embarking on IVF – not in a great place emotionally.  I was shocked at our first appointment where she spend close to an hour just talking to me, listening to my story, and formulating not only a physical plan for me, but an emotional one as well.  She put me on a modified elimination diet and a light cleanse to rid my system of toxins and clomid prior to the IVF.  Our weekly sessions were something I always looked forward to, and I did not expect that not only would Angela be a wonderful acupunturist, but that she would be my fertility therapist as well.  My husband is forever grateful to her for the emotional support she provided for me during that time, and saw a difference in me immediately.  

Angela convinced me to delay the IVF cycle until I was really emotionally ready, and after about 2 months of working with her, I felt ready and began the IVF.  Angela was there supporting me every step of the way, and our IVF cycle was successful.  I am now have a beautiful, healthy two year old daughter.  I had eggs left from my first IVF cycle with my daughter, so when we were ready to try for another baby, I started seeing Angela a few months prior to the frozen IVF cycle I planned with my Doctor.  I knew what to do this time in terms of cleanse and diet and repeated my regime that she taught me a few years ago.  Our frozen cycle was successful, and I am expecting my second baby in 6 weeks.  Angela was incredible throughout both of my pregnancies, especially in the first trimesters when I had constant questions.  She would answer my emails off hours and on the weekends, and has continuously provided the same emotional support that she has given me since the day I met her.  I love acupuncture and look forward to my quiet time each week, it is so relaxing and wonderful. I encourage anyone trying to get pregnant to bring acupuncture, diet and the emotional well-being that Angela helps provide into the experience.  I feel very lucky that I am able to experience pregnancy from the physical and emotional standpoint that Angela brought me to through our work together.