I went into Angela Le’s practice a 30-year-old little girl, plagued by the conditioning I’d had since puberty to believe that, because of PCOS, I was defective and couldn’t have a baby. My periods and ovulation were few and far between, and I was depressed and crashing all the time. I had let PCOS define my life from a young age, and it had stolen my confidence.

Exasperated, I decided to give acupuncture a try, though I’d been a skeptic.  I made my first appointment after two years of trying to conceive, and the weekly journey I’ve taken with Angela since then has been completely life changing. In addition to the blissful acupuncture, she helped me change my lifestyle with a diet that prevented my blood sugar crashes, taught me about meditation, even helped me explore relationships with my husband and family. 

Angela saw me through several IUI’s and a miscarriage. Though these were challenging times, she guided me gently and taught me to see it all through a different lens. At first I would sob with frustration at every session, but gradually something shifted, and it was real. This became a process of discovery, rather than pain or resentment. I learned that, though a baby can bring a unique joy to one’s life, we already have the power of that much joy and love within us. It takes hard work to tap into that store of resources that are so often buried by guilt and society, but when we do, we realize we already have what we need to be alright – and joyful – with this life.

After a year with Angela I was in a much different place and decided to take a break from fertility treatments to see how my body would behave with a more balanced lifestyle and acupuncture alone. Within a month I began ovulating on my own, and the second month I conceived spontaneously and am now 30 weeks into a healthy pregnancy! I continue my weekly appointments with Angela

Angela is more to me than an acupuncturist or health care provider, though she is an exceptional practitioner. She’s like my mother, sister, therapist and mentor all in one. Her grace, wisdom and humor is inspiring and contagious. Now I feel free, and the feeling came even before pregnancy. 

If you are considering treatment with Angela, but feeling skeptical or resigned, just consider this: keep your heart open to this experience. Life is an opportunity. It will always present challenges, but it’s possible to meet pain with love and be the better for it. I am eternally grateful to Angela Le for showing me this and so much more. I wouldn’t change any of it, all the ups and downs, because I feel so grateful and privileged to have been allowed this journey. This is a path that never ends, and I’m so excited to take it.