Services and Specialized Programs

Fertility Treatments:

Fertility Treatments: Initial consultation and treatment is 1.5 hours, and all follow-up treatments are 1 hour. Our approach to treating infertility is comprehensive and designed to address each patient's care with multiple therapeutic interventions to maximize treatment effectiveness.

Sessions offer a combination of acupuncture, nutritional assessment and recommendations as well as mind-body counseling to address your individual needs.

Sessions Include:

- Acupuncture for Fertility
- Nutritional Counseling
- Nutraceutical Supplement Planning
- Coaching and Guidance
- Mind-Body Support
- Breath Work
- Resource and Referral Planning 

In addition, we offer a range of the following micro treatments during any session where they are ideal for our patients needs. The following micro treatments are offered on a session by session basis:

- Diamond Reiki
- Cupping (One Area)
- Essential Oil Acupressure
- Trigger Point Release (One Area When Appropriate)

Extended Sessions:

We also offer extended sessions for 1.5 hours or 2 hours where we work with patients on more in-depth counseling and healing practices that help to fully address their mind-body experience during fertility treatments.

Extended sessions are available for the following services:

- Cosmetic Acupuncture (Facial Acupuncture)
- In Depth Cleansing Guidance & Programs
- Body Mind Counseling for Fertility
- Meditation & Empowerment Guidance
- Detoxification Fire Cupping and Trigger Point Release
- Extended Diamond Reiki or Reiki

IVF & IUI Day Of Support:

Acupuncture has been shown to improve ovarian response and uterine receptivity by up to 42% with specific treatment programs. Please contact our office for individual recommendations.
We encourage patients to begin acupuncture in preparation for their IVF cycle one to three months prior to the procedure when possible, and to seek ongoing treatment support throughout the reproductive journey. We also provide IVF day of transfer acupuncture 7 days a week.

Pre-Conception Detox:

Our preconception sessions are 1 hour sessions of acupuncture and nutritional therapy with a special focus on detoxifying the body to prepare for conception.

Postpartum Restore:

Postpartum sessions are offered to restore the body after the stress of pregnancy and birth. One hour sessions include acupuncture, nutritional recommendations and cosmetic refresh to fully rejuvenate and balance.

Fertility Concierge Services:

For patients seeking complete alignment in all areas of their pregnancy preparation, we offer the following recommendations and concierge services:


Our private yoga sessions are taught by a gentle and experienced instructor.   She is available for a one-time session, or for a series of lessons.  She is also able to develop a unique plan that incorporates fertility specific postures to reduce stress and inflammation, increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and strengthen your overall immune system and well-being.


Private Chef: 

We can provide you with a talented and experienced organic private chef as you transition into our nutrition program.  They are available for a range of services, from a single-afternoon pantry detox session up to several months of in-home gourmet meal creation and service.

Phone Consults:

If you are located outside of the New York City area and would prefer to be in touch over the phone for a consultation on how to approach your fertility preparation, please inquire with our office. We offer remote sessions to select patients as well as recommendations to our network of trusted practitioners.

Let us know if you would like further information or to book a session:

Let us help you to find your most empowered state of health and wellness. 


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