I first met Angela in a very difficult phase of my 8 1/2-year fertility journey. I had just learned that my third IVF attempt had failed, and I had decided that I needed to find a more human and holistic path. I shared with my IVF doctor that I wanted to try acupuncture, and she gave me Angela’s contact information. 

I remember clearly my first session with Angela. That day I found, for the first time since my husband and I started fertility treatments, someone who listened to me with empathy, respect, objectivity, and who had an immense knowledge and desire to help. Angela confirmed an idea that I had in mind—that becoming pregnant should be part of a process that involved my whole being, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and that if I could be good to myself by giving myself the time and conditions to heal and become stronger, I would be better prepared for whatever was to come. As Angela emphasized in my first visit, she could not guarantee I would get pregnant, but that, working together, she could guarantee that I would be in the best condition possible if I was to become pregnant. 

After 4 months of working with Angela, I conceived naturally, and I’m now 22 weeks pregnant. So immensely happy! She has played a crucial role in keeping me healthy and giving me the space to deal with all the emotional and practical aspects of this experience. 

I find myself so fortunate to have Angela as part of my journey, and I wish all women having trouble getting pregnant could have the same luck that I had. My husband and I will be forever thankful!