I originally came to Angela because I was not ready to try advanced reproductive technology.  Physically, the acupuncture, and herbs balanced my system and put my body in an optimal place for conception.  However, what I believe to be the most valuable part of my work with her is the emotional stability she helped me attain.  After several months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, I was dealing with the fact that I had to reevaluate my life plan (something I had always had complete control over in the past).  I was frustrated, and upset, and could see this affecting other parts of my life.  Realizing that I may have to find value in myself without the title of mother was a struggle I was not doing well with. 

I worked with Angela for several months, and I can still remember the day, and the freedom I felt when I realized with certainty that I would be okay if I did not get pregnant.  More importantly, Angela put me on a path which has allowed me to take challenges as they come, and meet them with grace every day of my life.  This is a gift I am grateful for every day, and even more so when I am with my children.  I enjoy my children in a way that many mothers I know are not able to; they do not overwhelm me; I do not want to get away from them; I do not feel burdened by them.  I suspect that had I not worked with Angela I may still have become a mother; however, I am certain that my work with her has made me a better mother.