After trying to conceive for over two years with no success, I decided it was time to visit a fertility doctor. My husband and I completed the all the initial testing and found there was no physical reason why we could not get pregnant. The doctor offered us two options: start fertility treatments including a round of fertility drugs for myself or continue to try naturally with the help of an acupuncturist. He specifically recommended Angela. I was not someone who knew much about or believed in acupuncture, but due to the fact that there was not anything physically wrong, I didn’t feel like drugs were the right route for me at that point. 

I made an appointment with Angela not really expecting much, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. My first appointment was nothing like I expected. She went through my current diet, as well as physical health, with me. Angela’s first recommendation to me was to completely change my diet. There was nothing in my current diet that I was allowed to eat anymore. Part of me thought, “What does this have to do with me getting pregnant?” but I knew the other option was drugs, and I kept being drawn to the natural approach. I went home with my new diet in hand and figured I had nothing to lose. 

After the first two days on this new diet (while constantly feeling hungry) I woke feeling horrible. My whole body ached, and I was miserable. I couldn’t decide whether this was just a bad idea or it was a turning point. I decided to continue with the diet until I saw Angela the next week—what a great decision. By day five or six of this diet, I felt incredible. My energy levels increased, my digestion was better, and I no longer felt bloated or weighed down. It only took a week to realize what my previous diet had been doing to my body, and I wanted to hear more of what Angela had to teach me.

After a few weeks of seeing Angela and receiving acupuncture treatments, continuing with the diet and supplements, we began talking more about my life. I have say, going into this I was willing to try any physical changes to my life, but I didn’t want to talk about emotions or feelings—that was not why I was there. I have to give her credit; she never pushed me to share, but just waited for the right time when she knew I was comfortable with her. We talked about things that I never shared with anyone, but she always made me feel comfortable and safe. She helped me to see different perspectives, especially as it related to the female gender. I always strove not to be considered weak, and I was always drawn to other women who did not have strong feminine qualities. Angela helped to show me some of the positive aspects of being female and allowed me let go of my negative association of feminine qualities. I feel this part of my treatment allowed me to not only embrace some of my own personality traits that I had been suppressing, but also allowed me to be more understanding of other females.

After a few months of being on this journey with Angela, I felt better than I had in years. The diet that I thought I would never last on, I now never wanted to deviate from. Not only did I feel better on this diet, I looked better. I easily lost weight, and there was a significant improvement in my skin (which I had been struggling with for many years). I began to allow myself to become more open to other people, which allowed me to connect better with new and existing friends. Whenever I saw someone I had not seen in a month or more, they commented on how good or healthy I was looking and asked what I was doing to achieve this. The more I talked about my journey and experiences, the more I seemed to motivate those around me to become more physically and mentally healthy. I couldn’t believe how much my transformation affected those around me.

At this point, I was a firm believer in the path Angela was leading me on. Even though I had not become pregnant yet, I truly believe that all this work was well worth it, whether it helped me get pregnant or not. I never thought I would feel that way, considering the only thing I went to see her for was to get pregnant and had been the main focus of my life over the past few years. I got so much more from Angela. She made me healthier and happier than I had ever been. And I knew that whenever I did have a child, Angela had changed my life in a way that would make me a better mom.

After seven months of working with Angela, I was able to get pregnant naturally. I truly believe that my work with her was the reason I had success. Even though that pregnancy was not successful, I was optimistic that I was able to get pregnant on my own. Only a few months after my miscarriage, I was pregnant again. 

I know that it may seem like a long time to wait after trying for years to get pregnant, but I know it was the right path for me. I feel like whatever was keeping me from conceiving has been resolved. And my health has never been better. I know everything that I learned from Angela I will take with me for the rest of my life and will have a positive impact on my family. I am very thankful and blessed to have been able to have Angela guide me through this journey.