I originally went to see Angela in September 2008, at the age of 43, to prepare for IVF treatments as suggested by my doctor.  I had three miscarriages during the prior 2 years and hoped IVF would improve my odds of having a successful pregnancy. During the course of our visits over the next few months, it became obvious to me that I was not comfortable with IVF and decided to work on getting healthy and clear about my goals.  I saw Angela regularly as part of that effort and the acupuncture treatments helped me stay calm and relaxed me in a way that allowed me to focus on what I really wanted. Not a month later, I was pregnant!

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I clearly remember my first session with Angela. That day I found, for the first time since my husband and I started fertility treatments, someone who listened to me with empathy, respect, objectivity, and who had an immense knowledge and desire to help. Angela confirmed an idea that I had in mind—that becoming pregnant should be part of a process that involved my whole being, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and that if I could be good to myself by giving myself the time and conditions to heal and become stronger, I would be better prepared for whatever was to come. 

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After trying to conceive for over two years with no success, I decided it was time to visit a fertility doctor. My husband and I completed the all the initial testing and found there was no physical reason why we could not get pregnant. The doctor offered us two options: start fertility treatments including a round of fertility drugs for myself or continue to try naturally with the help of an acupuncturist. He specifically recommended Angela. I was not someone who knew much about or believed in acupuncture, but due to the fact that there was not anything physically wrong, I didn’t feel like drugs were the right route for me at that point. 

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I met Angela for the first time when I was beginning my IVF cycle. I was feeling overwhelmed and scared. Angela allowed me to speak openly about my feelings about the treatment and my experience overall. This communication and encouragement of expression was missing in my conventional medical treatments. The doctors did not take the time to address the emotional and psychological aspects of the experience. Instead they were very clinical about the whole process and, as a result, I felt detached from it.  Angela allowed me to open myself up to the journey. She provided me with meditation tools and emotional support throughout the process.

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 I worked with Angela for several months, and I can still remember the day, and the freedom I felt when I realized with certainty that I would be okay if I did not get pregnant.  More importantly, Angela put me on a path which has allowed me to take challenges as they come, and meet them with grace every day of my life.  This is a gift I am grateful for every day, and even more so when I am with my children.  I enjoy my children in a way that many mothers I know are not able to; they do not overwhelm me; I do not want to get away from them; I do not feel burdened by them.  I suspect that had I not worked with Angela I may still have become a mother; however, I am certain that my work with her has made me a better mother.

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I sincerely believe that my pregnancy journey has been more beautiful, serene, and tuned-in because of the wisdom Angela helped me receive. Had I not cleaned out--mind and body--and gotten back in touch with balance, I’m not sure I’d have been able to create the space necessary to conceive. But what’s perhaps most meaningful is that this path didn’t just lead me to pregnancy. It made me feel more comfortable in my own skin, allowed me to open, and and helped me connect more deeply with other people. It has made me a better version of myself, and now I get to share that with a child. That is the most precious gift I could have possibly been given.