Angie and I are tremendously appreciative of the impact that you have had on our lives. It would be extremely difficult to contemplate undertaking our experiences without your insight, guidance, and persistent reminders of hope and dedication towards healing. You have helped us to heal from the inside out and been an integral part in bringing us the amazing gift of life with our Emma.

We felt your healing impact from the very beginning and experienced a consistent sense of confidence in knowing that you would be a part of our journey. It is with great pride that we can say that we continue to feel it daily in our lives.

Though our journey was not easy, and is by no means near its end, we understand that what we have endured together has been a valuable and beneficial experience that has made us only better and stronger. We have learned more about ourselves and how much a part of one another we are that we often stop to marvel at how far we have come. We are truly happy. Our healing process has become fulfilling and gratifying.

Angela, you always seemed able to see the person in us that we wanted to unearth. You knew that the person was within reach, and your reflective guidance helped us to connect with it. Much like a sculptor can see their subject within their material, you helped us to chisel away the unwanted parts of ourselves. We affirm to continue this process and to realize that it is ever evolving.

We have been deeply blessed to have had the opportunity to share our lives with you and remain eternally grateful. We acknowledge with complete confidence and gratitude that you are one of the most memorable and remarkable people we have ever met. Angela, you rock! Thank you so very much for all that you have done.