When I first made the decision to see Angela I was at an extreme low point in my fertility journey.  I had gone through multiple rounds of IVF at different clinics and experienced 4 early miscarriages, one from natural conception and the other three through IVF.  At 42, my doctors where asking me to consider donor eggs and to “draw a line in the sand” regarding how many more times we would go through IVF treatments before stopping.  In addition to this stress, my mother had just passed away after a 15 year battle with Alzheimer’s and I felt the whole hope of my own family would never be realized.

Angela came highly recommended to me by my fertility specialist at the Weill Cornell Fertility Center, and friends raved about the help Angela had given them to help fight other non fertility issues such as migraine headaches.   From my first visit with her, I felt I had finally found an advocate who was  interested in investigating all options before giving up on my own ability to conceive.  She put me on an elimination diet and over the course of 3 months I lost over 17 pounds and gained back energy, optimism and hope that I wasn’t finished fighting.   

By my third month of meeting with Angela I was ready to try one more round of IVF.  This time I wasn’t alone going through the process, meeting Angela during each week of treatments was my sanctuary to focus on my total health and well-being.  And this time it worked, oh did it work!  Instead of the dreaded phone call at the end of the cycle telling me my pregnancy test was either negative or the “numbers were low” and didn’t look good,   I had hormone levels off the charts and was as the doctor’s office said “very pregnant”!  By week 7 of the pregnancy I had 2 positive heartbeats and now 7 months later am getting ready to deliver twin girls!

I can’t say again how much I believe Angela’s guidance and the help of her whole team made this happen.  At a minimum, her approach made me a stronger person and capable of facing the next step in my journey.