I met Angela Le through a dear friend and former colleague who had successfully conceived two beautiful children while working with her. This friend’s fervent belief in Angela’s power to help create the right environment – physically, mentally and emotionally – for a pregnancy to occur and come to a positive conclusion had led her to recommend many friends and colleagues to the practice. And the most astonishing thing was that every single one of these women had gotten pregnant. 

Having turned 40 a few months prior and having had testing done which indicated my egg reserve was low, I was definitely concerned that I might be the exception that proved the rule, but I decided that if I was going to go for it and try to get pregnant, I had better be all in. So I met with Angela.

An incredibly kind, empathetic and nurturing person, Angela immediately made me feel comfortable in her practice and her expertise in the areas of nutrition, fertility and acupuncture gave me great confidence that whatever she recommended, I would be wise to follow. Now, the “prescription” wasn’t an easy one to fill. The elimination diet, the supplements, the regular treatments, they all required dedication that I wasn’t sure I had the will power or time for. But Angela helped me refocus the determination and energy I had for so long reserved for my career where it now needed to be – on my fertility.

And I began to see results. The diet worked wonders! I lost weight, felt more energetic; my eczema went away, and, more miraculously, my hormone levels improved.  My mood was better as well, a result of the diet and my regular conversations (or maybe I should call them therapy sessions) with Angela  - I was calmer, more self-possessed, less anxious. So when it came time, about six months later, for my boyfriend and I to try our first course of IUI, I was a much stronger and more prepared participant in the process than I could ever have been before. And whether it worked or not this time, I knew had the confidence to know that we would get pregnant in the future. 

As luck/fate/had work/determination would have it, the first time was the charm. I am now at 35 weeks, expecting a baby girl in July. And though I achieved my goal of getting pregnant, Angela has continued to be an important part of bringing this person into the world.  She has been a great source of emotional support and comfort, nutritional wisdom and information on additional resources to ease the process, helping make what is an overwhelming time that much more manageable.  And I truly believe that the kind of mother I will be has been shaped by my time with Angela and for that strength, confidence and wisdom, I will be eternally grateful.