When I first met Angela, I was trying to conceive after having had a miscarriage 6 months prior. As the months slipped away and I wasn't getting pregnant, I decided to explore Western and Eastern approaches simultaneously. I had already met with two other well known acupuncture practices in NYC before coming to Angela but felt they were impersonal and overly "corporate." At my very first meeting with Angela, I was immediately impressed by how warm and empathetic she was. She took a genuine interest in me as a person - not just as a patient. Over time, she became an invaluable sounding board and incredible support system for me as I navigated the infertility treatment maze. The process can be incredibly stressful and Angela's calming presence, combined with her acupuncture skill, made a world of difference to me. Angela also has in-depth knowledge of Western medical approaches to infertility and is able to provide insight and perspective that is often lacking in interactions with physicians. She takes the time to treat the whole person and not just the "problem" area. I also appreciated that Angela was encouraging and hopeful but never made unrealistic promises about what either acupuncture or Western medicine could achieve. I was very fortunate and after a few months of regular acupuncture sessions, some small dietary changes, 1 IUI and 1 IVF, I got pregnant. Angela was also very helpful at reducing my nausea through targeted acupuncture in my first trimester and in trying to induce labor when I went past my due date. Angela truly provides an incomparable level of service and support to her patients and I am so grateful for having met her. 


When I first made the decision to see Angela I was at an extreme low point in my fertility journey.  I had gone through multiple rounds of IVF at different clinics and experienced 4 early miscarriages, one from natural conception and the other three through IVF.  At 42, my doctors where asking me to consider donor eggs and to “draw a line in the sand” regarding how many more times we would go through IVF treatments before stopping.  In addition to this stress, my mother had just passed away after a 15 year battle with Alzheimer’s and I felt the whole hope of my own family would never be realized.

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About 10 minutes into my first appointment, I knew Angela was different from any other acupuncturist I had seen.  She had reviewed the questionnaire I had filled out and asked very specific questions about all different aspects of my life.  I would not have been able to put it in words at the time, but Angela is not only an acupuncturist, she is also a healer. I worked with Angela over the next few months and one of the first recommendations she made for me was adrenal support.  I started the treatment and could not believe how good I felt.  My mood improved and I was not weepy anymore, the difference was amazing. 

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An incredibly kind, empathetic and nurturing person, Angela immediately made me feel comfortable in her practice and her expertise in the areas of nutrition, fertility and acupuncture gave me great confidence that whatever she recommended, I would be wise to follow. Now, the “prescription” wasn’t an easy one to fill. The elimination diet, the supplements, the regular treatments, they all required dedication that I wasn’t sure I had the will power or time for. But Angela helped me refocus the determination and energy I had for so long reserved for my career where it now needed to be – on my fertility.

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