Welcome to Fifth Avenue Fertility Wellness.  Our boutique practice is dedicated exclusively to the treatment of infertility.

We are New York City’s leading integrative fertility center, working with renowned reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Sami David and male infertility expert Dr. Marc Goldstein. Our office was thoughtfully designed to be environmentally friendly – everything is non-toxic, organic and completely green.

Our research-based approach fuses techniques rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine with progressive and modern nutritional therapy, nutracuetical supplementation, mind-body connections and detoxification programs – helping us to evaluate all factors that may be affecting your unique case.   

We understand how difficult the experience of infertility can be.  We are committed to helping you feel empowered and in control of your fertility journey.  

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I founded Fifth Avenue Fertility Wellness with the vision of a fertility center focused exclusively on the patient experience, where greater well-being could be realized while improving reproductive health. 

My dream for you is not just a healthy pregnancy.  It is to prepare you for parenthood – from preconception through post-partum care, I want to support you every step of the way.