I was almost 37 when I got married and started trying to get pregnant. We tried for a year before my gynecologist tested my hormone levels and discovered that my FSH was 22. She told me ‘you have old eggs. You need to see a fertility specialist who will likely recommend IVF and possibly donor eggs’.

Instead, I went to see Angela Le. I changed my diet, received weekly treatment with her, and 3 months later I was pregnant. I had a terrific and healthy pregnancy and now have a beautiful baby girl. My husband might be insulted if I said, ‘Angela got me pregnant,’ but the work with her changed my life. Angela is an empathic practitioner who is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of reproductive health. She is well versed in both traditional and alternative fertility treatments and works with the patient no matter the presenting issues. She is also sensitive to the relationship between one’s emotional and physical health, particularly important when addressing one’s desire, hopes, and possibly failures in getting pregnant.  

As a result of Angela’s expertise, I have a healthy, beautiful baby girl, who is most definitely not from an ‘old egg'. Of course my husband was ultimately essential to the process!!