In 2007 I was lucky enough to “stumble upon” Angela Le after I was diagnosed “infertile” by my RE. A neighbor had been seeing Angela for acupuncture treatments and had wonderful things to say about her. I was intrigued.

My diagnosis was AMA (40 years old) with high FSH, and I was preparing for tubal surgery. IVF was my only option for getting pregnant. My first fertility clinic “fired me” after a disastrous IVF cycle. I got the serious DE (donor egg) speech. Angela did not agree. 

I really looked forward to my weekly visits. They were much, much more than needles and relaxing music — what I was expecting. They were almost therapy for me. Through Angela’s guidance and teachings, I realized that my (in)fertility was not just physical. One’s mind and spiritual state are just as important. I was an emotional mess with IF stresses, and a “ticking clock” had taken over my life. Relationships were suffering and the financial burdens of IVF were overwhelming. The acupuncture treatments and candid conversations kept me from feeling completely out of control. Angela was an incredible support for me. She got both my head and body prepared for my continued attempts at IVF. I wasn’t going to give up. She had me eating (and understanding) the proper foods, resulting in a drastic and much needed change in diet. She suggested taking vitamin and herbal supplements for my particular issues. I was totally inspired and with her help, I actually became hopeful. After 4 rounds of IVF, my wish came true. I got pregnant and, at 42, gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

Angela is a very lovely, caring, and intelligent person, and I feel blessed to have had her in my life. I give her a great deal of credit for helping me achieve my successful pregnancy. I continue to hear from “older women” from my IF blog that are moved and inspired by my conceiving challenges. I think back to the time spent with Angela, and I use what I learned to help others. Even to this day, Angela comes to mind when perusing the aisles at the grocery store, as I’m still very conscious of the foods I bring home (with the exception of the occasional bottle of wine.)