It seems that I landed in Angela’s office by chance.  It was a series of coincidental events that led me there and while I may never know exactly how it happened, I am so very fortunate it did.  After 3 years of being open to conception, with one of those years actively trying, and nothing happening, I started to ask questions.  It turned out that despite being in excellent physical health, my FSH and estrogen levels were mimicking those of a woman in perimenopause.  I was 32.  Clearly there was something else going on and it seemed as though Angela knew it at our first meeting.  While fertility issues are what originally brought me to Angela, I feel that our treatments encompassed all areas of my life and as a result I benefited in more ways than I could have expected from her treatments.

Angela’s patience and eagerness to work with me, where I was, allowed me the space and the feeling of safety to dig deeper within myself, to be honest with myself and to see the wounds that needed healing before my body or soul could usher in a new life, a new soul.   She is an incredibly gifted technician and her deep understanding of both Eastern and Western approaches to fertility issues and treatments is both comforting and reassuring.  Angela’s other gift is her ability to recognize in each individual what they need.  She is a healer.  True to the term holistic, she sees the person as a whole and the reproductive system as part of that whole.  Fertility issues can’t be addressed isolated from the rest of the physical, mental and spiritual body.  Angela guides you through your journey while always instilling confidence and grace and with the utmost respect for where you are in your journey.  Her treatments were so absorbing that I sometimes forgot I was there for my fertility concerns.  Her focus on getting me to a place of deep healing and to experience a deeper connection with myself allowed me to stop obsessing about what wasn’t ‘working’ in my body.  I walked away with so much after every session and couldn’t wait for the next one and the next.

Now, as I prepare for the journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, I look forward to many more treatments with her.  It was a blessing and a great gift to me to meet Angela and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to work with her and to have her gentle, guiding touch along this remarkable journey.