I never thought I would have any difficult time conceiving. No one in my family had any fertility issues, and as I watched my friends deal with similar issues, I secretly told myself that my quest will be short. I expected instant gratification. With those hopes, my husband and I started thinking about expanding our family. My ob-gyn told us to be patient, and expect 3 to 6 months to see the results.

Months chased one another, and a year later, I began to worry. I was referred to a fertility specialist, and that, without realizing, marked the beginning of a long journey. Never the one to visit doctors or enjoy taking any kind of medication, there I was, undergoing surgeries, taking pills, injecting all kinds of high technology into my body. I felt like a pin cushion. I was angry if my husband missed a “needle session” by a few minutes. I was disappointed when I received the call from the nurse that my FSH levels were too high to begin another round of IVF. I started avoiding baby showers, did not want to celebrate any “baby” news, and started resenting things I enjoyed so much.

At this very point, Angela Le entered my life. With everything I was experiencing, I doubted if inserting any more needles would help my cause. Yet, Angela was more than “needles.” She walked me through my journey. The more she engaged me in a dialogue, the more I started to regain my perspective, my priorities, and ultimately, myself. Under Angela’s guidance, I overhauled my entire life: I started caring about what entered into my body. I started looking more inwardly into my personal beliefs and the limits that I can handle. I learned to take a minute to breathe and appreciate the beauty and people around me. I refocused on priorities, and learned to keep unwanted comments out. With Angela, I did not only get physically healthier but also mentally stronger. I am forever grateful to Angela for her being there throughout my journey. As my twin boys enter their toddler years, I cannot be more fulfilled with the life I created.