When I first went to see Angela, I was uncertain about how she could help me with my fertility struggles. At the time, my husband and I had been through two failed IVF cycles, and Angela was highly recommended by the fertility doctor we were working with. Initially, I was a bit resistant and skeptical. I questioned whether holistic healing could make a difference. But my trepidation was quickly alleviated. 

Aside from infertility frustration, I was also suffering from other physical symptoms that I assumed were completely unrelated. I had poor circulation, thus Raynaud’s Syndrome was affecting me almost on a daily basis. I couldn’t get through a supermarket visit without my fingers and toes going numb and white. I dreaded getting my period (aside from the obvious reason of wanting to be pregnant) because my endometriosis was causing severe side effects like debilitating cramps, nausea, vomiting, and fainting.  On top of this, my system and cycles were not regular. I was often bloated after meals and just not feeling right. My cycles varied anywhere from thirty-five to fifty days. And anyone wanting to become pregnant knows how these fluctuating cycles can play mean mind games. However, I had become complacent to these physical issues thinking that they were just “me”—part of my makeup. I thought the stress that I embodied was natural and that keeping emotions to myself was the considerate thing, not wanting to burden others with my issues. But I was wrong. 

Angela helped me change all of that. She helped me change my diet, my lifestyle, my way of thinking; she centered me, grounded me and helped me find an inner peace. I was transformed. With her assistance and guidance, I took control of my physical and mental health and actually conquered my symptoms, which was life-changing. I learned how to channel stress, disappointment, and fear so that I could be free of the weight. My periods were no longer a burden, a trip to the market no longer required warm gloves, and I noticed that the bloating had dissipated and my system was much more regular.  Once I began feeling better—physically and emotionally—I was able to let go of the petty things in life and start living in the moment. A metamorphosis that I never envisioned before I met Angela. 

This newfound enlightenment alleviated some of the angst in our situation and we were able to accept the challenges along the way with a different outlook. We no longer allowed the tribulations to consume us, but rather found ways to move forward and focus on the next step. 

I was feeling so good physically and emotionally that my perspective completely changed. Everyone around me noticed the change and I began sharing my experience instead of keeping it bottled inside. To my surprise, I learned about the hardships that other people had gone through as well and it made me feel less isolated in the journey. All of this inspired me to want to help others get through similar difficult situations, so I became a certified health coach in hopes of helping other women accomplish their health and life goals. But most important, I am now the mother of two beautiful girls and couldn’t be happier or more fulfilled. Angela helped turn a long painful journey into one of the most wonderful, life-changing experiences of my life. I am forever grateful to her.