I was about to start my third round of IVF. This time my husband and I were relying on the assistance of an anonymous egg donor. To no surprise, I was an emotional wreck. Would it work this time now that we had the eggs from someone who actually helped couples get pregnant in the past? What if she changed her mind? What if something came up and she missed a lab appointment? What if everything worked out with the donor, but I wasn’t able to carry a pregnancy to full term?

To make sure this cycle worked, I gave up my career, cut back my intense daily 90 minute exercise routines, ate as healthy as possible, and took prenatal vitamins religiously each day. Still, I was desperate to make sure I did everything possible to get pregnant. I called my doctor at CWRC and begged him to tell me what else I could do. There had to be something more. He recommended I make an appointment with Angela.

I had serious doubts that acupuncture would work. I felt like it was more of a scam that would only raise my hopes. I was proven wrong. Angela was warm and listened to my story and understood my concerns. During the first appointment, she started me on a path to preparing my mind, body, and spirit for a pregnancy. Through her diet recommendations and meditation, I focused on getting a sort of balance that would prepare me for a healthy pregnancy.

Once I did get pregnant, Angela continued to be my support system. She listened to my concerns, shared in my excitement, and provided me with a wealth of knowledge regarding the testing as well as the physical and mental changes that accompany pregnancy. When I received some scary test results, I truly felt like she was just as concerned as I was. She too felt like the event was unfair, but helped me stay mentally strong to handle additional testing. When everything turned out fine, I honestly felt like she shared in my joy.

My son is now almost 6 months old. He’s healthy, happy, and everything I dreamed about. I honestly feel there is no way I could have survived IVF without Angela. She was the missing piece during those first few failed IVF Attempts.