I was at my wits end when I first met Angela. I was introduced by a mutual friend and I cancelled three times before I finally went to see her. I am a single woman who had been trying to get pregnant on my own for nine months with two unsuccessful pregnancies under my belt.  It seemed I could get pregnant but I couldn’t stay pregnant and I was at a loss for what to do. I had heard that acupuncture helped with fertility but I had no idea what it was and was skeptical of the needles and how its eastern philosophy could help me in my desire to have a family. But I was willing to try anything. 

Anything turned out to be everything. I didn’t fully realize how much I was in need of help and support on my journey until I met Angela. Not only did her needles bring a sense of calm that I had never experienced before; she provided support, understanding and guidance that continues to be invaluable to me. She helped me navigate the fertility world and learn what questions to ask, tests to request and factors to consider. Together we gently questioned my motives and my beliefs. And when she felt I was ready, she guided me to books, meditation and new ways of thinking that truly changed my life.

Angela not only became my acupuncturist, she became my therapist, my dietician, my cheerleader and my confidante.  She had told me she needed to work with me for at least three months. And almost three months later I become pregnant for the third time – a third and successful time.  And I am now the proud mother of a beautiful 6 month old baby girl. I will be forever grateful to Angela for her help in making Olivia possible. But I am more grateful for the new outlook on life that I discovered with Angela’s help that will undoubtedly make me a much healthier, happier and well-rounded person and parent.