I came to Angela one year ago at 43 after my first failed IVF cycle.  It was a challenging introduction to the fertility world, which left me confused and overwhelmed.  

Bombarded by conflicting information, I wasn’t sure what to do next.  Angela listened with kindness and empathy. After a trip to a fertility clinic in Colorado revealed a 5% chance of conceiving through IVF, my husband and I made a difficult decision to use an egg donor.  This was something we had never seriously considered but for many reasons was right for us.  Throughout this process Angela listened without judgment, followed my lead, provided guidance and nurtured my confidence in our decision.  At her suggestion we used a clinic unknown to us, which proved to be a seamless process.  I am now six months pregnant and humbled by the experience.

The truth is my work with Angela far exceeded acupuncture and fertility goals. Preparing to be a mother provided a unique opportunity to work on myself in a different way and to play a more active role in my life. Knowing that my health and happiness will ultimately be a model for my child was motivating and the benefits have been far reaching. 

My initial work with Angela led me to dietary changes, which overtime had a surprising impact on my energy level and overall mood. Although already a healthy eater and runner, on the elimination diet I gained a mental clarity which was not present before. I felt stronger and empowered by these changes. With Angela’s encouragement I also slowly began examining my thinking and started to explore authors in the mindfulness world, an area that held limited interest previously.  Angela was patient and encouraged me to dabble and see what resonated.  I found someone who spoke my language and helped me through some very difficult struggles at work.  Overtime with Angela’s guidance I started to view life’s challenges differently, realizing my capacity for happiness and peace, which continues to grow daily. 

I am not the same person I was a year ago and that is largely due to Angela.  She partnered with me through a very challenging process of becoming a parent but there is so much more.  Infertility invited me to look deeper at the quality of my life and what I want to create for my new family, a chance to do things differently.  Words cannot express how grateful I am.