Angela Le and I met sometime in late 2008/early 2009.   I was eagerly in search of any help and support that I could find.  My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about three years, at the time.  One IVF, an IUI and several natural attempts later, we had been unsuccessful.   At the age of 45 with irregular menstrual cycles and menopausal symptoms,  I was regularly starting to hear the dreaded “donor egg speech”.  Every time it came up, I simply would shut down, refusing to entertain the thought that my healthy body was incapable of conceiving a child on its own.  I simply needed someone who was willing to help me to overcome these obstacles and get my cycle back on track.

Throughout my failed attempts at conceiving, I had amassed much experience with acupuncturists.  I recall going into my first consultation with Angela with no expectations.  This would simply be an opportunity to explore my options from another practitioner’s perspective.   In hind site, I can say unquestionably, that Angela turned out to be far more than I could have ever imagined, not only as a practitioner, but moreover as a healer and human being.  While she could make no guarantees, she was committed and open to working with my symptoms to evaluate and adjust my diet and limit my stress and anxiety, as necessary.  But on a personal level, she worked with me to promote emotional healing, open my heart and mind to the possibilities, and to embrace the value and release the burden of attachment to form.

It became apparent that my body was not responding.  My cycles were few and far between and ultimately a blood test would confirm that my ovarian reserve was very low.  Equipped with this information, Angela helped me to become fully anchored in where I was and to embrace each moment for what it was with joy and gratitude.  With her gentle, non-judgmental approach and compassion, she was able to help me to realize that what I wanted was not necessarily rooted within my own body and that if I sought motherhood, it truly was available to me when I was ready.  She instilled in me that as humans we set out to achieve a goal and are determined to do it our way, but that we can have our way if we choose to focus on what we want rather than how we are going to achieve it.  In essence, we have to trust, release the “how” and simply focus and remain open to the possibilities of the “what”.  It remains one of the greatest lessons of my life.

She referred me to a RE who headed up a donor program for a leading NYC hospital.  He turned out to be a God send.   Mustering up the courage, with Angela’s support, to have the consultation became the gateway to my goal.  While I remained resistant to the idea of a donor, it was something that I found myself considering, for the first time in my journey—questioning both the pros and cons of submitting to this route.  After countless conversations with my husband and our personal circumstances, we were finally ready to commit to a donor and once we did the process moved along swiftly.   I can confidently say that I have never looked back with any doubt.  

In November 2010, we had a donor IVF transfer.   Because we had chosen to keep the transfer to ourselves and I had not been in Angela’s care since her move to the Manhattan, I completely overlooked informing her to schedule a post transfer treatment.  I called her, literally, moments after leaving the clinic and explained the situation.    I knew that the chances of her fitting me in under such short notice were slim to none, but I could hear the determination in her voice to make it happen.  She genuinely wanted to be a part of our miracle and I could feel it at the core of my being.  Ultimately, she was able to accommodate me and it was a very special appointment for us, filled with laughter, tears and hope.

Two weeks later, we received the news of our successful pregnancy.  Needless to say, we were elated—particularly when we learned that I was carrying twins.  I have no doubt that the Angela’s work was a significant component to our success.  I am eternally grateful to her and how she has helped me to grow, as a person.

Angela Le is a unique practitioner, in every sense of the word.  What she offers goes far far beyond the technical practice of acupuncture.  The true gift of healing, learning, growth and love is at the core of her practice.   At each and every appointment, you will feel so special, as if you are the only person in her world that matters at that moment and during this challenging journey that means so much.

We are expecting our bundles in mid-summer.