Message From Angela Le

My life’s work and my practice are dedicated to changing the way we feel, treat and think about fertility.  I believe that is the first step to changing not only the outcome, but also the perspective that has helped thousands of my patients transform.  To achieve a complete level of health so that regardless of how challenging, or how unexpected your experience has been, you feel whole, empowered  and cared for.  

This is what I want for each patient facing fertility as a challenge: to be able to transform their health, heart, and mind in a way that is beyond what they previously thought possible and in doing so, to reach a deeper, intrinsic understanding of themselves.  I have seen incredible transformations in my patients when they commit to their own self-care.  I know you can reclaim your own power and inner peace when you focus on cultivating the best possible conditions for conception.  

At Fifth Avenue Fertility Wellness, I have worked to develop an extraordinarily compassionate team, each of whom are committed to the shared dream of elevating the care and experience throughout the infertility journey.


Let us help you to find your most empowered state of health and wellness. 


BY PHONE:  212.432.1110  BY FAX: 212.987.1911